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Create your Happng with world-class event designer Tom Noel’s vast understanding of timeless traditions, and innovative eye for the future. We believe great Happngs are turning your visions into reality. noel.events offers a simple solution. Please note: there is no obligation required to create your happng plan and initial event planner call. noel.events clients by having all the information upfront you ensure that you are fully satisfied with the happng plan and pricing prior to your reservation.

To begin planning select Ceremonies, Receptions, Elopements, Weddings, Vow Renewals, Proposals or Events on the option bar.

By entering a date and guest range we will present you with options that will best match your criteria.
Please note* if you are not sure of any or all of these particulars, no worries you can make these refinements as your planning commences.

You may pick one of our all-­inclusive packages or build a custom package. All combination packages have been carefully tested. Whether it’s food, flowers, or photography, you are able to put together the perfect combination to suit your particular needs. Even though we are confident in our excellent team member contributions, noel.events is an open service provider. We understand you might already have some services covered; therefore we are happy to work with them since your comfort is most important to us.

Enter basic information so that we can complete your Happng plan. Upon completion a copy will be sent to the email address you provided. Upon submission, based upon you’re Happng type and location details, you will be matched with a Event planar who is knowledgeable on all aspects of your happng plan. If you would like to discuss your Happng Plan with your Event Planner you can schedule a call/chat at your convenience through our Event Planner scheduler. Your Event Planner will guide you through to the coordination process.

*Note: A Happng Plan does not hold a reservation or engage services. Privacy is paramount. At noel.events, we will not share any of your information without your direct permission.


You have created your Happng Plan; now it’s time to bring it to life! With noel.events the complete planning and production process is accessible to you from any place at any time. You have total control with the full confidence of execution under Tom Noel’s talented team, to assist and guide all the way!

Select the reserve option at the bottom of your Happng Plan document. You will be guided to our payment-handling page to safely and securely pay a 5% deposit. This officially engages our services and lets the planning process begin! As a noel.events client, your Event Planner will immediately begin to secure your date, time, and location details.
*Note: If we are not able to provide you with the date, time, and location requested, your deposit is 100% refundable.

Upon securing you’re happng details your Event Planner will assign your Personal Coordinator and send to you your secure login information to access your Happng Profile.

Upon entering your Happng Profile you will be introduced to your Coordinator. Happng Profiles include all of your key details and services ordered. They allow you to make changes whenever you desire such as, cut/paste photos, video, or songs to share ideas and direction with your services, review menus, plans, schedules and so much more to coordinate and refine your vision. Your Profile is available 24/7 and your Coordinator is available to schedule a call or chat online at your convenience.

Six weeks prior to your Happng, you will be assigned to your own Personal Event Manager. The Event Manager will review your profile and make sure everything is in order. Upon completion of their review your Personal Event Manager will send you a letter of introduction and outline any questions or request they may require. You will then have an option to schedule a call to review everything with your Personal Event Manager through our event management call scheduling system. Your personal event manager will oversee, as well as be the liaison between you and all of your team members and services. Your Event Manager will confirm your complete Team 72, 48, & 24 hours prior to your Happng and to activate our vast Team resources in the event that a backup Team member is required.

With in your Happng Profile there is a walk-through scheduling tool. We recommend (not required) a walk­through of your Happng, typically two weeks to one day prior. Your Location Manager, who is your in-person contact, an expert on your location and the day of coordination, does the walk-through. Working with your Event Manager and your Team, the Location Manager will be with you from your walk­through through your Happng. You will be given a map­link with a specific meet location. Your Location Manager, holding signage indicating your Happng, will greet you at the meet location and walk you through the entire site and review schedule.

Your Plan is in place! Now, its time to make the magic happen! Two hours prior, your Event Manager will contact you with confirmation that your Team and all details are in order. Your Location Manager will arrive to the designated meet location (map­-link provided) one hour before and will review locations, get into position and check-­in Team Members while reporting to your Event Manager. The Location Manager will now be in position to receive you and your guests, while your Event Manager is carefully watching over all the details. Experience life’s present.


On the morning of your big day, you can wake up peaceful and excited knowing all of your work is done and you will be able to attend your Happng as a guest worry free!

Now, comes the fun! Knowing your efforts in planning have been put into motion by the knowledgeable and capable noel.events team, enjoy this time by getting ready to be with your guests, as you prepare to attend your Happng. Everything else has been covered as we stand by Tom Noel’s philosophy that, “a well produced event allows clients to attend their own event as a key-­guest with worry-­free, knowing and believing that everything is being tended to their satisfaction”. With both your Event Manager and On-Location Manager overseeing everything, you will be fully immersed in enjoying your day’s events as they unfold. Our Team celebrates when your Happng exceeds your expectations! At noel.events, we believe that memories are our true gold. It is with great pleasure and honor that we were able to help you create and produce a beautiful life long memory for you and yours.

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Shannon these pics are Phenomenal! There are truly no words that I can express My Gratitude to you and Jim and Steve. You made our day Flawless. A Million Thanks. God bless and I will Certainly Recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again Renee and Gilbert.

Renee & Maxwell May 2, 2016

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