We Present you:

Through our first rate marketing, sales and management team

With qualified and executable projects

Allowing you to do what you do best and we take care of all of the rest!

You Choose:

How much you charge

Where you want to work

When you want to work

You Profit:

From our pre-qualified opportunities

Through our fast and flexible payment system that puts money in your account upon arrival

noel.events is a premium service provider. The application is the first step towards joining the best special events team in the industry. Upon approval of your initial application we will begin your certification process. Upon approval of your certification process you will be eligible to pre-qualified project leads that you will be able to engage at will. Certified members are also eligible to sign up for our marketplace. The marketplace let’s service providers request available upcoming projects. All of our projects are overseen by our qualified management staff. Project and client logistics, scheduling, and billing are all managed by the noel.events team. Upon acceptance of an upcoming project you will be given access through your personal noel.events Dashboard to all the details that pertain to you performing your service. Additionally you’ll have access to the intake and management team for any questions or feedback you might have. We have a 72- hour, 48-hour, 24-hour and date-of team check in system as well as a team redundancy system in the event replacement service is required. We thank you for your consideration in joining our team and look forward to the possibility of working together.